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History of Weinberger Rodeo Bulls

We started raising bulls in 1970 with semen from a brahma
bull from the Stewart Ranch in Texas.
From this came the foundation of the cow herd which
produced bulls like
#J1 Boogie Man, which went to the
NFR in '87 & '88.  J1 sired many outstanding bulls and cows
#911 Pretty Chief, and the dam to #77 Skoals Yellow
Jacket (PRCA World Champion)

     One of our best cows was
Gramma Brahmer, she
produced  many great calves for over 20 years including
J1 Boogie Man and Eckroth's J3 Buffalo Bill.
     We have used #911 as a sire for many years now.
He to has been a great producer.  
#99 Dippin Cooter, a son of
#911, is a 3X NFR and 4X PBR Finals bull.

Several other outstanding bulls and cows, including the
to #77 Skoals Yellow Jacket
have been linked to J1 Boogie
and have been continuing for many years now in the bull